Lady Gaga Crashes the Internet: Premiere of Alejandro breaks Twitter and the Lady Gaga Official [video]

I went to Twitter just 30 minutes to go to find out that Lady Gaga’s massive stardom crushed the internet today. Lady Gaga’s Alejandro music video was so popular that her fans hammered the net; first the Lady Gaga site went down, then Gaga daily, and then twitter? Getting the fail whale is not my idea of pleasant times on twitter. Of course unless Twitter comes out and says that’s the cause it may just be that Twitter is once again over capacity. But according to the top tweet on Twitter it was all of Lady Gaga’s little monsters:

If you didn’t know about the premiere of Alejandro you may be living under a rock. If you do I suggest you get out into the sunlight. Perhaps even watch the video yourself. If anything Lady Gaga is an entertainer and Alejandro doesn’t disappoint. That is what has made her a star that can literally crash servers. Her video for Bad Romance is the most watched video on Youtube with over 200 million views!

Weigh in and watch the video of Alejandro. It has some unique imagery going on. And a few throwbacks I think. Surprisingly the line about Fernando, Abba anyone? And perhaps the religious iconography reminds me a bit of Madonna’s like a prayer, though it goes in a much different direction with it. The dancing and costumes are great as always. Lady Gaga’s Alejandro Music Video is a must watch!

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