Lady Gaga Dead Again: How She “Died”

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Lady Gaga is once again reported as being dead, not the first time this rumor has exploded across the internet within the last year.  And not just Lady Gaga but numerous other celebrities are “killed” over the internet and the fans go wild, searching internet articles to get the juicy news.

Lady Gaga is NOT dead.  According to Irish Central This rumor is associated with the most popular radio station in Dublin, Ireland – 104FM.  The ad is pictured with a covered up dead woman’s body with blood seeping through and legs sticking out.  Then it reads, ‘Britney Spears Lady Gaga’ – get it?  As though Britney “killed” Lady Gaga. 

This ad in not going over well to say the least, and fans are upset with the radio station for displaying such an ad.

There’s speculation that because yesterday was ‘National Lady Gaga Day’ that fans want her to be a highly searched term across the internet, hence, using the “death card” to accomplish the task.

Of course as history has shown, a celebrity that “dies” by rumor, is highly searched.  So for those that contributed to Lady Gaga’s death rumor to promote her name being search, job (well?) done.

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