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With the start of a new weekends, there’s also the start of a new celebrity death hoax.  This time it’s the Lady Gaga dead rumors floating around the internet.  Now fans of the popular musical star are seeking the truth, is Lady Gaga dead or alive?

Various websites are reporting that a radio station is displaying a controversial ad which shows Lady Gaga dead:

“In an ad to further grab more market share in Ireland, the radio station, 104FM, with the largest fan-following went to the extreme and showed Lady Gaga ad dead with blood oozing out of her body.”

Reportedly the ad campaign shows a woman’s body under a canvas with blood seeping out.  It reads “When you play great music back to back someone is going to get hurt”.

There is blood on the wall behind the body and a woman’s leg is protruding out under the canvas. Next to the dead body is a sign reading ‘Britney Spears Lady Gaga’ – a play on Britney Spears and her last name.

The Lady Gaga dead ad is generating a lot of controversy and buzz for the radio station over in Dublin, Ireland.  So apparently the station is generating plenty of attention, but is it alienating or adding new listeners?

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