Lady Gaga Debuts New Rainbow Brite-esque Look in Fashion Film

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Lady Gaga dons diamond teeth and rainbow-colored hair in her latest fashion film. So is this Mama Monster’s version of Rainbow Brite?

Gaga and her friend Nicola Formichetti dropped a new fashion film during the Mugler show at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday, and it looks like Gaga created a whole new alter ego for the video.

An edit featuring clips from the film spliced with footage from the Mugler fashion show hit the web today, and it features the fashion icon donning rainbow-colored hair and diamond encrusted teeth (so now Gaga is trying to make grills en vogue?) During the video she makes this dramatic observation: “Sometimes, my heart sometimes feels so black … and other days my heart feels like rainbows.”

Since she’s wearing little makeup again, perhaps Lady Gaga’s newest alter ego is a variation of her fresh-faced nymph character, or maybe she’s supposed to be some kind of rainbow goddess. However, since she’s donning pigtails high on her head in the video, she kind of looks like a bizarro version of Rainbow Brite.

And Rainbow would be a great character for Gaga to copy — she’s animated, so she can’t accuse Mama Monster for stealing her style; she’s responsible for keeping the world bright, happy, and colorful; and she has a cool horse with rainbow-colored hair (it’s not a unicorn, but it’ll work). She also has an enemy named Murky who wants to drain all the color from the world (he could represent all of Lady Gaga’s haters).

Gaga’s latest character concoction will be joining the nymph, the bride, Yuyi the mermaid, and Jo Calderone as one of Mama Monster’s alter egos (and some of the hottest Halloween costumes of 2011). Check out the video below and see if you can figure out who or what she’s trying to portray.

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