Lady Gaga Doesn’t Want Her Name Trademarked

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With Mother Monster’s past troubles, it is refreshing to see that she is the one suing this time instead of the one being sued! Excite Worldwide LLC has filed paperwork to try to trademark the terms “Lady Gaga” and “Lady Gaga LG” to use for accessories and cosmetics. The problem is that Mother Monster has built her brand based on those terms and she doesn’t have any association with the cosmetics company.

This seems to be a classic case of a company trying to make a profit off a name or terms someone else has worked hard to build. While Lady Gaga has had her share of issues, no one can say that she isn’t a hard worker. It probably takes a lot of work to think of some of the shenanigans she comes up with. Meat dresses, pictures of herself on a toilet, insane outfits, killer high heels and wacky hats are all part of Mother Monster’s fame. On top of all that, she also has to perform, write songs, cut albums and promote her music. This full package is what keeps Little Monsters running after Mother Monster and watching her every move.

Lady Gaga has sued Excite Worldwide LLC for an unspecified amount of money for the illegal trademark attempt. It is pretty safe to assume that the company’s founders now wish they hadn’t messed with Mother Monster. What do you think?

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