Lady Gaga Enlists Robert “Mutt” Lange for ‘You and I’

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Lady Gaga has quite the reputation to live up to – with the smashing success of previous albums – and she’s calling in some heavy-hitters in order to ensure that she is up to the task.

One such industry giant who is lending a hand with her upcoming album, Born This Way, is Robert “Mutt” Lange, the super producer behind the likes of AC/DC, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, and Shania Twain (and also her ex-husband!).

Mutt is the producer behind Gaga’s piano power ballad “You and I”, which has debuted during her current tour to rave reviews, if a bit of a departure from her recent club hits. Despite it being different than the radio-ready songs that have come before, “You and I” showcases Lady Gaga’s talent beautifully, pulling from her live piano performances you may have seen via YouTube videos and other outlets. Sure, she’s entertaining and controversial and there’s no doubt the girl can sing, but if you’ve yet to catch her piano talents (including playing the piano with her feet!), you’re missing out!

Lady Gaga - Toronto MONSTER BALL 11/28/09

Surely with a powerhouse producer on the record, Born This Way‘s May 23 release will be bigger than ever!

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