Lady Gaga eye makeup look in Japan inspired by anime?

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Lady Gaga eye makeup is seldom a new beauty style for the faint of heart. Her latest Mother Monster look turned the celeb into an anime celebrity look-alike on the red carpet in Japan. There to attend the 2011 MTV Awards Japan, the star-studded event turned into an all-out green celebrity gala as stars used the opportunity to show their love and support for the earthquake and tsunami victims of the devastated island nation. How exactly did Gaga show how goo-goo for Japanese culture she really is as an artist?

Rather than going the boring and predictable route of showing up on the red carpet dressed as a Sumo wrestler, Geisha Girl, or some other gauche representation of the country’s honored cultural traditions, she went with the one thing pop culture fans know is typically thought of as Japanese: an anime character look was the fashion choice of the A-list guest.

Lady Gaga anime eye make up a hit on red carpet in Japan?

Expect to see millions of international teens painting their eyelids with gobs of black and white paint in the coming months. Why? Because that is exactly what Lady Gaga did at the 2011 MTV Awards in Japan. Coming out to pose for paparazzi pictures dressed in a leather and gold studded jacket with big, honking 1980s style shoulder pads again was not a big fashion stretch — until the pop music diva very gracefully closed her eyes. Then the camera flashing and crowd gasps certainly began when everyone had to take a second look at the new Lady Gaga eye makeup!

You see, by drawing giant black pupils on the back of her eyelids and powdering in the giant white pops of color around the orb sockets of her already amazingly big eyes and extending the dark liner color to the tops of her eyebrow arches, with her eyes closed Gaga became a real-life, fully-animated cartoon celebrity look-alike.

What is Japanese anime?

For those unfamiliar with what a Japanese anime cartoon character looks like, you can see examples here, and recent news about anime cartoons, comic books, and conventions here.

Did the Japanese cartoon style appeal to Lady Gaga because of its enhanced character features, the passion its genre followers have for the drawn-on look, or the idea that she could become living art give the Mother Monster the impetus to wax on the big, bold eye makeup look?

Check out the photos of the pop music singer and her self-styled “Lady Gaga Eye Makeup” posted over on Just Jared June 25th, 2011, and compare her eye makeup to any Japanese comic book.

Lady GaGa cropped

Pop music diva Lady Gaga always manages to look amazing wherever she goes. What was her best red carpet look ever in your opinion? Perhaps the ‘galaxy woman’ or ‘egg orb?’ Other than her grotesque ‘Meat Dress,’ does she have a worst look? Show her some LGBT community fan love, Little Monsters, in the comments section below.

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