Lady Gaga Fans Play ‘Pokerface’ on Bottles; ‘The Bottle Boys’ Makes it Sound so Good

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Lady Gaga has probably heard hundreds of different renditions of her single “Pokerface,” but she probably hasn’t heard her song performed on bottles. The Bottle Boys have acquired plenty of attention over the past few days for their interpretation of “Pokerface” and it’s probably because the song is played on regular bottles.

GaGaperfomingFrom long neck bottles with different levels of water to a five-gallon bucket hit on the bottom, the five-member group that originated from Copenhagen has created a unique sound by using simple bottles. Performing notes just like the artist, the guys obviously are fans as the “Pokerface” music, minus the words, is identifiable.

The phenomenal music produced by The Bottle Boys will have everyone turning their heads. Their especially odd-looking bottle instruments have everyone thinking they are carrying around six-packs of beer or soda in the cartons wrapped with duct tape, it seems they might be looking for a recycling bin, but once they start playing the bottles everyone understands why recycling is completely out of the question!

The Bottle Boys started in 2005, and they definitely have caught music lovers attention. From beaches to the live television stages, the Danish music group has followers who love hearing them blow on the bottles.

Take a look at The Bottle Boys play “Pokerface,” the hit song of Lady Gaga.

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