Lady Gaga Getting Closer to ‘Vampire Diaries’ Boyfriend in 2012?

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Lady Gaga and rumored boyfriend from The Vampire Diaries, Taylor Kinney, definitely seem to not be having a “bad romance” right now. Gaga and her actor hunk have been spotted arm-in-arm in public with the pop sensation reportedly even looking at home properties in his home state of Pennsylvania. As for whether she and he will stay together in 2012, well that’s anyone’s guess. The “Marry the Night” singer is notoriously tight-lipped about her personal relationships and her love life. However, there is one person who thinks he has the answer to the situation!

Psychic Jesse Bravo recently laid out a set of predictions gleaned from his so-called crystal ball and, according to him, things look good for Lady Gaga and her Vampire Diaries hottie, who she met on the set of her “You and I” music video. “Her personal life is going to stay stable for a while. The reason why is that on the outside she shows she’s a strong character — and for business she is — but on the inside she’s a mush,” he said, as MTV News reports. “And so as a result, she needs to have her relationship in place… I don’t think that relationship is going… it’s not going out.”

File:Lady Gaga BR GMA.jpgHowever, Gaga does have some major work commitments in store for 2012 and beyond, what with her upcoming Born This Way tour, based on her hit album of 2011. The shows will no doubt deliver extreme theatrics, over-the-top outfits, spectacular sets and, of course, great music. But they will also keep her very busy. So can Gaga and Taylor Kinney’s romance really withstand the drama of such an intense tour schedule and the necessity of what will have to be, at times, a long-distance relationship, not to mention the reality of Kinney’s own commitments on the Vampire Diaries set?

And, despite the fact that Lady Gaga has sometimes channeled what could be a twisted crystal ball in her fashion statements, Bravo’s mystical estimations of her relationship status and more must be taken with a huge grain of salt, especially his guesses on Gaga’s next big outfits (apparently a “pretty bizarre” one with “lights embedded in it” and another “body outfit, one that you spray-paint on”). The superstar is so unpredictable in her style that no one could possibly forecast her next ensemble!

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