Lady Gaga Getting Diamond Tooth Implants

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Lady Gaga is not afraid to make a fashion statement—not even when it comes to her teeth. According to reports confirmed by her designer, Gaga has decided to get diamond tooth implants—the pop singer just has not yet decided how many she should get.

According to a source, “She’s still deciding how many to get done. Her dental bill will be as expensive as her jewelry bill.” Seriously; that will definitely be one expensive trip to the dentist.

According to reports, Lady Gaga has already ordered the marquise diamonds, which will be implanted later this month in time for her trip to Paris for the Thierry Mugler fashion show.

Will Lady Gaga have to alter her diet once she has her diamond teeth installed? It seems that should be a major factor to take into consideration, in the very least. According to The Sun, “Lil Wayne has diamond-encrusted teeth, and he can’t eat anything solid.”

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