Lady Gaga Gives Insightful Interview on ’60 Minutes’

Lady Gaga was all aglow and dressed in various interesting outfits during her interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes this evening. She showed her superstar side and her tender vulnerable side, which is a signature of Lady Gaga’s. During the first part of the interview, she was shown with less makeup, revealing a very pretty face.

Throughout the interview, she dressed in different outfits, and that is part of the artistry of Lady Gaga. Her fans love and adore her, and you can tell that Gaga’s fans mean the world to her. Is this tender and caring side of her part of what has made her so famous?

60 Minutes producer John Hamlin is shown in behind-the-scenes video of Lady Gaga’s interview. Hamlin states that it took the executives of the show a while to warm up to the idea of the interview. He also states how pleased and impressed they were that Gaga gave them more time and information they had requested.

In the second part of the interview, Gaga sits down with barely any clothing on and her extremely thick eyeliner. She states that she keeps it honest with her fans. She shares with 60 Minutes that she thinks of herself as an ongoing art-form. She tells the show that one of the reasons for her artistic outfits is a way to steer the interest of her fans so that she can keep a little piece of herself private. Like a little part of her soul to herself—so that she will still have something left of herself to give to her fans.

Lady Gaga comes across as a highly intelligent, very creative artist. She is very dedicated to her work and to her fans. In part of the interview, she walks down the streets of New York City with the paparazzi following her every move. She takes 60 Minutes to the building that she lived in before her fame. She knocks on the door of her old apartment—hoping to get a look inside, but the current tenant did not open the door. Not everyone in New York is a fan.

Lady Gaga also reveals that when she is writing her music, she smokes marijuana and drinks whiskey. She states that she does not encourage drug use, but she said she wants to be honest about who she is.

One reason her fans love her so much is because of the powerful message she sends out to her fans. She encourages her fans to let go of all the insecurities that they have ever had and to empower themselves. Lady Gaga claims that she can relate to her fans and anyone who ever felt like they didn’t belong when they were growing up.

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