Lady Gaga Goes Nude For Supreme Shoot

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You may have thought you’ve seen it all when it comes to Lady Gaga. Prepare to see her in a way you’ve never seen her before: Totally nude.

Lady Gaga goes completely nude for a modeling photo shoot with Supreme, which luckily or unluckily for you all was captured on film.

The shoot consists of some racy shots of the Born This Way singer showing everyone her birthday suit without so much as a hint of modesty. Skateboards are used as props to keep shots from being Playboy material as are long t-shirts stretched down long enough to cover the area exposed by her lack of underpants.

Perhaps these shots are not particularly surprising to anyone, really. Hasn’t Gaga been toying with the concept of public nudity on several occasions? Those latex outfits with barely there panties and crosses across the nipples could easily be seen as her prelude to full-on nudity.

However, one has to wonder how much of this shoot of her stark naked that little boy posing with her witnessed. Hopefully he was absent during the skateboard and topless shots, but there’s no way of officially knowing that at the current time.

You can view the video of the racy shoot below.

What do you think of the shoot? Shocking or ho-hum saw it coming? Weigh in below.

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