Lady Gaga Goes Topless in Brazil

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Mama monster, Lady Gaga, got a little rowdy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, appearing on a hotel balcony in nothing but her bikini briefs and a coconut gourd. Wait, there was a small towel involved too.

Hey, what can she say? She was enjoying the atmosphere. Gaga is nothing if not spontaneous. She tweeted, “OI GALERA! In Rio…My beautiful fans are wearing leather & bandannas in the sun…There’re hundreds at (the) hotel…Get ready to party at the show….”

Still unconcerned over all the gossip about her weight, the lady ate what she pleased as she enjoyed her Brazilian stay. That included hamburgers and fries as well as soda. Good for her! Enjoying life is important.

Recently, Lady Gaga announced that she’d be donating $1 million to the Hurricane Sandy Relief fund. Talk about digging deep into one’s pockets. When it comes to charity, the lady never holds back. Say whatever about her lifestyle, her music and her penchant for weed, Gaga likes helping people and that’s always a good thing.

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