Lady Gaga has Cast Lindsay Lohan in a Music Video

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Lady Gaga is really looking out for her new BFF Lindsay Lohan.

LiLo is doing much better about finding (and keeping) work these days – she posed in Playboy; got cast as Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie; and is working alongside porn star James Deen in The Canyons. However, Gaga is going to make sure that she stays on the straight and narrow by giving her a little more to do – Mama Monster has reportedly cast Linds in an upcoming music video.

Not much is known about what Lindsay will be doing or the song that the video will be set to. However, according to Contact Music, Linds will be trying to win over little monsters in the video for first single from Gaga’s ARTPOP album.

There’s no word on if Lady Gaga has actually asked Lindsay Lohan to sing in the song in question – once upon a time the former Disney darling tried to pull a Selena Gomez by being a double threat, but Lilo’s pack-a-day voice proved to be just a bit too rough for pop.

Even if Lindsay doesn’t try to revive her singing career, it will be interesting to see what she ends up doing in Gaga’s music video. Mama Monster convinced Beyonce to be her partner in crime in her “Telephone” music video, and the “Bad Romance” singer has turned herself into a mermaid, an alien, and a biker version of Mary Magdalene. In a recent photo shoot, she even transformed into a unicorn.

So will Gaga have Lindsay wielding a gun in another pulp-style video, or will she turn the actress into some sort of mythological creature like a gargoyle, medusa, satyr, or fairy? Maybe she’ll even have Linds play the Devil or something. Or perhaps the dynamic duo will be a lesbian couple.

What do you think that this odd pair should do in their music video?

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