Lady Gaga Hopes to Befriend Pippa Middleton

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Lady Gaga is royalty in the music business, and she is often treated as such. However, her manners, style and speech are severely lacking the polish most Royals have. No worries, Gaga has a plan to remedy this little shortcoming, and she will soon be ready to mingle with the queen herself.

According to an insider, Mother Monster has a bit of an obsession with the UK’s Royal Family. She is an American after all. Americans get a kick out of the whole business and are enthralled with the old-fashioned monarchy. “GaGa is obsessed with the royal family and especially with Pippa,” reveals the source. Um, does Gaga know Pippa isn’t technically a royal?

Despite that one little technicality, the “Born This Way” singer is convinced Pippa is the way in. In fact, Gaga went to great lengths to have Pippa’s book delivered to her in Puerto Rico. The source claims Gaga couldn’t wait to get her hands on it in the hopes of improving her party throwing skills. Uh-huh. Does it seem a little odd the eccentric singer would be worried about matching linens and creating crafty decorations?

The whole thing seems a little out there, but the source insists, “She would love to get pally with Pippa. She’s been intrigued by her since the royal wedding.” Maybe a better, more effective way would be to have Lady Gaga’s people contact Pippa’s people and go from there.

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