Lady Gaga Injured, Postpones Tour Dates

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Lady Gaga has been forced to postpone several tour dates due to an injury which she says has left her temporarily unable to walk.

The singer gave no details about how she received the injury, but according to CNN, she says she has been hiding it for several months because, she tweeted, “I didn’t want to disappoint my amazing fans.” The injury is synovitis, a severe joint inflammation. Of course, ignoring an injury is never a good idea, as it often only worsens it. She said on Twitter that she is “so devastated and sad” and “can hardly forgive myself.”

Gaga’s hard work ethic and dedication to her fans is well-known, but with the sort of elaborate and athletic performances she gives, she is bound to get hurt from time to time and to push on despite pain can cause lasting damage. to feel guilty and sad and worry that her fans will not forgive her may sound admirable but really seems to show an unfortunate regard and respect for her own self that is troublesome.

Naturally, the fans who planned to attend the shows in Ontario, Detroit and Chicago next week, which are the ones that are postponed, t are disappointed, but if they are as devoted to Lady Gaga as she is to them, they will want her to take care of herself and heal and they will understand.

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