Lady Gaga is a Daddy’s Girl

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In what seems to be one of her few moments in the real world instead of her private fantasy world, Lady Gaga reveals that she wants to make her dad proud. Yes, Lady Gaga is just a “daddy’s girl” who is looking for his approval.

The pop sensation credits her father, Joseph Germanotta, for her success. She wants her dad to be happy and to continue to support her. She says she also wants to please her fans but only after her dad.

Having a daughter who wears dresses made of meat, takes pictures sitting on a toilet and wears outrageous outfits would make any parent proud, right? In this case, Mother Monster’s fame and a father’s undying love for his child probably negate the crazy antics of the star.

Her father seems to embrace Lady Gaga’s interesting lifestyle. Just last year, he went to a party with her and helped drag queen Courtney Act (Shane Jenek) climb on a table during a lap dance performed for Lady Gaga.

It is nice to hear of Mother Monster’s normal side for once instead of hearing of her craziness. She is just another lady trying to make sure that her father is there for her and that she is doing stuff to make him proud.

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