Lady Gaga is Getting Support from Kirstie Alley Over Weight Issues

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People may be slamming Lady Gaga over her recent weight gain, but she’s getting plenty of support from former Fat Actress Kirstie Alley. The Dancing With the Stars diva says she’s behind Gaga’s newest campaign to get young girls to “stand up for themselves and their bodies”.

Obviously, Kirstie’s experienced her fair share of nasty comments about her often blossoming weight. She understands exactly where Gaga is coming from and says “more power to her.”

“She (Gaga) is such a role model for millions of girls,” says Alley. “…She should be whatever weight she wants to be,” Kirstie adds. She also proclaimed that, “Nobody should have to starve themselves”.

Both women are right on target. The idea that anyone has to torture and punish themselves to fit into society’s very narrow idea of perfection is preposterous at best. At its worst, the idea is responsible for mental and physical health issues for people, especially women, all over the world.

Despite a recent New York politician recently labeling her a “slut”, Lady Gaga is proving him wrong. She’s continuing to do what she does best. That’s stand up for down trodden youth. First came her anti-bullying campaign. Now she’s out to get girls to feel good about themselves no matter their weight.

Gaga is not advocating girls stop eating healthy or working out. She’s just trying to prevent a new generation of bulimics and anorexics. It’s a worthy cause!

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