Lady GaGa: Is The Party Over?

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Lady GaGa has seen her share of overnight success this year. But the dark side of fame is rearing its ugly head: lawsuits.

It seems that the man who discovered her, helped shape her image and produced some of her first songs is upset that he’s being cut out of enjoying her breakout fame. And now he’s suing the Pop Diva for $30,000,000 dollars!

Rob Fusari originally passed on the unknown Stefani Germanotta when he was approached to guide her fledgling career way back in 2006. Her outrageous look, even then, seemed to have turned him away. But when he later heard some tracks she’d recorded, he changed his mind.

After that he wrote some songs, helped get her some publicity and ultimately networked Lady GaGa into a recording contract. Then they became lovers. After a 2 year romance went sour last year Fusari alleges he was cut out of the payoff that he helped create.

“It’s an age-old story in the music business,” said Fusari’s lawyer,  Robert Meloni, in a report in the NY Daily News. “You become famous, and you turn on the person who discovered you.”

So it seems that Lady GaGa’s success has finally caught up to her. What’s next? A “sexting” scandal?

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy this Lady GaGa video, “Bad Romance”


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