Lady Gaga Jokes About Lindsay Lohan’s Sticky Fingers

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Lady Gaga is not one to take anything printed in the tabloids too seriously. She essentially shrugs it off and finds a way to hit back in a more subtle, but just as effective way. Her cheeky responses endear her to her millions of Little Monsters and a few celebrity friends.

Gaga recently responded to the nasty rumors surrounding her friend, Lindsay Lohan, in the same fashion. The two are Twitter pals and often exchange quirky messages. Mother Monster is clearly not buying into the rumors that paint Lindsay as a thief.

Last night, August 28, Lindsay tweeted a picture of herself on her way out to dinner with her brother. Gaga replied, “ummmm are those my earrings??? this is awkward…:) kiss kiss chateau bunny.” Obviously, the “Edge of Glory” singer was just kidding, but will Lindsay get the joke? The comment about the Chateau Marmont has significant meaning.

Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan had a sleepover while both were in residence at the Chateau Marmont, which they made sure the world knew about. The sleepover happened a couple of weeks before the troubled actress was reportedly banned from the swanky hotel. Gaga’s tweet came before the banishment papers were made public. Will Gaga find another way to diss the rumors and support her pal?

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