Lady Gaga Leaked Nude Photos Don’t Cause Much of a Stir

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Nude photos of Lady Gaga have leaked on the web, but they aren’t really causing much of a commotion. So why doesn’t anyone care to see Mama Monster in her birthday suit?

Perhaps everyone is just too preoccupied with waiting to see if Rihanna really has a sex tape, or maybe everyone’s just finally getting tired of Gaga’s attempts at causing shock and awe. Then, of course, there’s always the chance that nudity is becoming expected of Mama Monster—it’s not like she hasn’t been seen in the buff before.

She posed for topless photos in V Magazine back in 2009, and she’s also stripped down for Out and the French magazine Purple in the past. Lady Gaga has even flashed skin in candid photos—at the CFDA Fashion Awards this year, she had a major wardrobe malfunction that gave her quite a bit of unwanted exposure.

You And I [Lady GaGa]However, her most infamous nude photos are some taken earlier in her career for Vogue Japan. They first hit the web in 2009, and candid outtakes from the Nobuyoshi Araki photo shoot have been leaking on the web ever since. They show Lady Gaga in various states of undress, with her legs and arms bound (apparently Gaga loves S&M even more than Rihanna), and it’s obvious by how grainy and amateurish they look that they were not meant for the public to see.

However, a few more photos from the batch leaked on the web yesterday, and one photo is more explicit than any shoot Lady Gaga has done in the past. In fact, it actually shows her (somewhat blurry) lower lady parts. So at least the nude photos might put those pesky hermaphrodite rumors to rest.

But since Gaga has pulled the nude card so many times before, it’s safe to say that lots of fans of celebrity skin don’t really care to see her in the buff again. Or maybe Gaga’s birthday suit is just extremely tame compared to some of the other stuff she wears.

Whatever the case, it seems that Mama Monster is having a harder and harder time shocking the public. So will she take her performance art to a whole new level with an artistic sex tape? It wouldn’t be all that surprising, but if she really wants to stun everyone, perhaps she should go the opposite direction by becoming a recluse that no one gets to see anymore.

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