Lady Gaga Makes a Monster Entrance Upon Arrival at Seoul Airport

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Lady Gaga always makes an entrance. However, her most recent was was over-the-top even for Mother Monster—but in a good way.

Indeed, upon arrival at Seoul Airport before starting her stint on tour in Asia, Gaga was greeted by her Korean fans much like royalty.

And much like royalty, the Born This Way singer was dressed to uphold that responsibility: She was wearing couture. Versace couture. In fact, she was a vision in her floor length grown with its gold striped details on cream colored fabric and its deep plunge that showed cleavage but not so much that she looked class-less rather than classy.

To pull off this fashion statement in an even more regal way, the sensational superstar wore sheer white gloves and a mask covered in pearls with the semi-precious stone also abundantly entangled in her beautifully coiffed updo.

To say the least, this was one traveler who did not dress down for her arrival in South Korea. Not only that, but you can be sure Lady Gaga will keep on making entrances (of one sort or another) as she embarks on her Born This Way Ball tour the beings at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium on April 27.

After the Seoul show, the entertainer will take on other parts of Asia with her act, including Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia, as well as New Zealand and Australia, too wearing extravagant Armani costumes. Then it’s on to some 21 European cities for more of the same.

Meanwhile, back in South Korea, Mother Monster was making some Little Monsters really happy when she arrived in that Southeast Asian country. And she did that in a way only Gaga can.

So how’s that for being a fashionista? Too much, too obvious, a refreshing change of pace? No matter what anybody thinks, nobody can fault Lady Gaga for looking shabby when she emerged after a long flight looking like she was walking down a runway that was not remotely related to any kind of aircraft. No way. Indeed, when she hit Seoul, she hit the airport in style—Atelier Versace style.

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