Lady Gaga Not Dead: Latest Death Hoax Victim

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Lady Gaga’s death has once again been greatly exaggerated, and fans can thank the ever-present celebrity death hoax pranksters for worrying them. This isn’t the first time that social media sites have lit up with stories of her death, but it still isn’t true. Gossip Cop saves the day once again by confirming that she is just fine.

This is apparently the third time that a fake story has hit the web claiming that Lady Gaga was found dead in a hotel room. Gossip Cop shows the screen cap where supposedly the BBC shared that Lady Gaga had been found dead, but it was a complete fabrication. The artist hasn’t commented on the latest death hoax on her Twitter page, but fans can rest assured that she is alive and well.

Social media sites have been drowning in celebrity hoax stories recently, with Eddie Murphy and Charlie Sheen both being recent victims as well. The pranksters certainly haven’t been particularly original of late, yet they always get fans worried. Have you fallen for any of the celebrity death hoax stories recently?

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