Lady Gaga on Howard Stern: ‘Edge of Glory’ Goes Viral (Video)

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Howard Stern is usually not at a loss for words. But when Lady Gaga finally appeared on his radio show last month, he sat stunned for a moment after she performed “Edge of Glory” without any gimmicks. Just a baby grand piano and her powerful voice.

Since then the performance has gone viral on YouTube with more than a million hits and counting. The video below shows why, as Lady G puts everything she has into the song. A side-by-side listen to this version and the original shows how humble roots can be turned into a giant oak. Just like Lady Gaga and Howard Stern himself.

Portrait of a young, pale-skinned Caucasian female with blond hairThere’s not much in the way of commentary after the unplugged song is done, as Howard is clearly bowled over. And, in typical Stern fashion, he forgets for a moment that he’s actually married and proposes to Lady Gaga on the spot.

Recovering his composure, he does make the comment that the stripped-down version is one of the best performances ever in the long history of a show with hundreds of great performances by the world’s greatest stars.

Enough jibber-jabber. Have a listen and prepare to be amazed.

And to propose…

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