Lady Gaga Only Incubated in Egg 30 Minutes

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Lady Gaga claimed that she had been incubating for 72 hours prior to the Grammys, however, it seems that this story is false and that she is ‘incubated’ for much less time than that.

Gaga had appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s show to discuss the symbolism behind the egg and reveal how long she had spent incubating in there prior to her ‘birth.’

“I was in there for about 72 hours, and it was a very creative experience, and it was time for me to prepare and really think about the meaning of [Born This Way] and get prepared for the performance,” Gaga said.

She thought that this concept was her way of being born anew when she debuted Born This Way live at the Grammys.

“I really wanted to be born on stage.”

It’s certainly an interesting concept and one that’s had both fans and non fans alike talking for days, but is that really the truth? The whole truth?

According to a report out by Radar Online, it’s not. It’s only partially true and the rest is more than a little bit exaggerated.

“The tank at the Grammy’s only had 30 minutes worth of oxygen in it so Gaga’s full of it for saying she was in that egg for hours!” a source close to the singer told exclusively.

Three days, thirty minutes, what’s the big difference anyway? Well, perhaps there’s not that big of a difference, aside from the fact that Gaga has supposedly prided herself on being honest and forthright with her fans. Just earlier this week she had admitted to using pot a lot while she writes because she wanted to be honest with her little monsters, yet here she is spinning stories of being born after three hours incubating inside of a giant egg. Something doesn’t totally add up there, but that’s not surprising given her job. Her job isn’t to be completely honest with anyone, it’s to entertain, and there’s little doubt that she did just that.

What do you think about the egg stunt? Was it cool or just weird? Weigh in below.

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