Lady Gaga Planning Record-Breaking Tour

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Lady Gaga is hoping to land in the record books with her next massive tour.

Gaga gives back to her fans more than any other artist today, and she’s planning on showing her love for them in a really big way next year.

Mama Monster’s next tour will last two years, with 450 chances for her little monsters to see her in person. A 450-date tour has never been done, so Gaga would once again find herself in the record books.

U2 just recently set the record for the highest-grossing and most-attended tour of all time, so perhaps the popular band will provide Lady Gaga with a little friendly competition in the future with another tour of their own. However, Gaga fans might need to be worried about her attempt at breaking their current record.

After all, Gaga might put quite a strain on her voice by performing so many times without a big break. As evidenced by Adele’s voice troubles, a lot of singing can ultimately lead to disappointment for many fans — if Gaga does injure her vocal cords, she might end up having to miss or reschedule some of the tour dates.

However, singers like Lady Gaga seem to make most of their money by touring these days rather than selling records, meaning massive tours like hers might be the future of music (so more med students might want to start specializing in vocal cord surgery). Such tours would give fans more opportunities to see their favorite singers in person, but they also mean that musicians are going to have to work harder – recording a few songs from the comfort of a recording studio just won’t cut it.

Gaga will kick off her tour next year in Asia and India. So do you think she’ll be able to pull it off, or with the grueling schedule prove to be too much for her voice or her body to take?

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