Lady Gaga ‘Poker Face’ Costume or ‘Meat Dress,’ Which Would You Choose for Halloween?

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Should I choose the ‘Lady Gaga Poker Face Costume’ or the ‘Lady Gaga Meat Dress?’ That’s a question facing many women trying to find the latest, hippest new costume for Halloween, 2010.

Lady Gaga appears backstage wearing a meat dress after accepting the award for video of the year for Bad Romance at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on September 12, 2010 in Los Angeles. UPI/Jim Ruymen Photo via Newscom

The Lady Gaga Poker Face costume says “I like to dance” showing off your pop star figure. It is billed as a one-piece, turquoise trim, azure swimsuit with matching gloves. It has side cut-outs and shoulder pads. Shoulder pads? That is so circa-1985. One thing that might keep you from this costume is you probably need to have the body for it, as there is no hiding while wearing this gem-toned beauty. Yep, you will get noticed.

The ‘Meat Dress’ may be a bit more daring to put together (hopefully you don’t actually go to the local butcher shop and use real meat). The “Meat Dress” might be a bit less revealing though, letting you cover-up. It will take a strong person to pull off. Then again you could create a dress out of cabbage, and call it your “Gaga” cabbage dress.

Needless to say, we will probably see about 30 too many Lady Gaga costumes next weekend, as the pop music icon does inspire some interesting fashion choices.

“It’s probably infinite what you can do,” says Steven Silverstein, CEO of Spirit Halloween stores. Spirit is keeping four different Gaga costumes and three different Gaga wigs.

So will you be going “Gaga” this Halloween?


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