Lady Gaga Praises Pippa Middleton and Her Style

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Lady Gaga and Pippa Middleton. Now those are two names that even the most open thinkers would not expect to see uttered at the same time, much less in the same sentence. The immiscible combination of oil and water comes to mind. Some might even reference nails (extra-long and Gaga red) screeching on a chalkboard. Peculiar pop star and pretty princess sister–definitely not a harmonious pair.

However, despite the odds, they may just be kindred style spirits, at least in Gaga’s songbook. The two tabloid stars do share a tendency to be photographed in quite skimpy attire–think Gaga’s perennial pants-less moments and Middleton’s now infamous scantily clad party photos.

Really, though, how can this be? The eccentric Lady G of the egg incubator, the mile-high platforms, and the carnivorous raw meat dress (and the list goes on and on!) could never be inspired by the altogether normal, daresay preppy, fashion focus of Pippa Middleton.

Think again! Lady Gaga, whose Born This Way album was released Monday, recently admitted to Now Magazine that she was a huge fan of Pippa’s Royal Wedding ensemble. “Kate looked great at the wedding, but I thought the sister Pippa oozed style,” she said.

Pippa Middleton did look stunning in her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen white ensemble; that much is undeniable. But, who would ever imagine that Gaga would agree, much less say she “oozed style“?! The Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice with their outrageous hats seem like they would register much higher on Lady Gaga’s style speedometer.

Then again, Gaga is always full of surprises.

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