Lady Gaga: Racy Photos for ‘L’Uomo Vogue’

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Lady Gaga isn’t an entertainer who takes things in stride. She is a firecracker who has to one-up herself and others every chance she gets. Her outfits almost always make her seem like she comes from another world.

Well, her appearance in L’Uomo Vogue really makes her look out of this world. Mother Monster did this shoot in an android-like costume. She isn’t wearing any insane wigs, but the robotic pieces attached to her make her look like she needs some serious help. In one picture, she has some sort of attachment covering the nipple of an exposed breast.

One of the most noticeable things about Lady Gaga in this shoot is that she just looks run down and sick. It looks like Mother Monster has gone a few days without sleep. Some may argue that it looks like she is a drug addict in these photos. All of the metal mess she has on her face isn’t helping her to look any better.

While Lady Gaga has taken some questionable photos in the past, such as her photo on a toilet, the pictures in this magazine have to be some of the worst she has ever released. Of course, they do make her look like, well, Mother Monster.

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