Lady Gaga Recording New Album Naked

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Lady Gaga has taken to stripping off her clothes in the recording studio for inspiration. And a better sound.

According to The Sun, she’s been going naked while recording tracks for her new album, so far unnamed, and scheduled for release early next year.

G has been tweeting nude photos of herself for several years, but always modestly covering up all the naughty bits for publication.

According to insiders who are engineering her new material, she’s much less modest in the vocal booth.

It kind of makes sense.

After years of adding layer after layer to her image and dressing in the most outlandish costumes possible, what better way for Lady Gaga to strip it all down and get back to her (dirty blonde) roots?

As usual, she’s way ahead of the curve and it’s likely other artists will follow her lead, since she’s got a proven track record for innovation and spectacular success.

Pity the poor fellas who are on the next Tony Bennett duets album…

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