Lady Gaga releases ‘Born this Way’ cover art

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Lady Gaga just couldn’t wait to show off the cover art for her single, Born this Way.

The pop diva took to her Twitter page to tweet a photo of the album cover. In typical Gaga-fashion the cover is hot!Trois Jours.

Born this Way is set to be released on Friday on radio stations across the country. It’s highly anticipated (as is anything that Gaga does) and her fans (or “little monsters” as she calls them) cannot wait to hear her new tune.

Just a couple of hours ago, Gaga tweeted the photo and said “Trois Jours,” (Twitter). In the photo, Gaga shows off some wild hair, cool eye makeup and a nude back. Her fans, naturally, went crazy and she had thousands of comments on the photo almost immediately! Some are hoping that she will release a clip of the song before Friday!

What do you think of Gaga’s Born this Way cover art?

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