Lady Gaga Shares Nude Photo of Herself Sitting on a Toilet

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Lady Gaga loves sharing personal photos with her fans, but did she go a little too far by posting a nude photo of herself on the toilet?

In the black and white snap, Mama Monster sits with her legs crossed on her “throne” while she smokes a cigarette. Hopefully Gaga isn’t trying to lose weight by going on the cigarette and Diet Coke diet.

There’s also a phone hanging on the wall by Gaga’s toilet, which is a true testament to just how hectic the singer’s life is—she can’t even take a potty break without having to talk business.

The photo in question was unsurprisingly taken by everyone’s favorite creepy celebrity photographer, the one and only Terry Richardson. So it’s to be hoped that he didn’t ask Lady Gaga to actually do her business while he snapped the shot.

Gaga probably shared the nude photo with her little monsters in hopes of showing them that she still loves her body even though she’s gained some weight. According to Digital Spy, she also shared this inspirational message with her fans:

“To all the girls that think you’re ugly because you’re not a size 0, you’re the beautiful one. It’s society who’s ugly.”

Gaga actually looks pretty glamorous for a gal sitting on a toilet, so at least she’s proving to her fans that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes (and levels of eccentricity). Gaga has also proved that photos taken in bathrooms can look fabulous, but of course gals who post bathroom mirror selfies on Facebook and Twitter don’t have the benefit of having a Terry Richardson beside their towel racks.

So what do you think of Gaga’s latest nude photo? Is it beautiful and artistic, or is she just copying Jenny McCarthy?

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