Lady Gaga Sings before Queen Elizabeth at Royal Variety Performance Tonight

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While Lady Gaga recently told Jay Leno she would wear latex when she performed before Queen Elizabeth at the Royal Variety Performance, she could have been putting him on which begs the questions?

What will Lady Gaga’s number at the Royal Variety Performance on December 7th look like?

If she does wear latex, what color will it be?

Do garden party hats come in latex?

I would not put it past the coy Lady Gaga to do something that is true to herself and her style while still being somehow traditional.

Of course, she may give people what they are expecting…something truly out there and off the wall.  My bet is not on this one though.  I suspect Lady Gaga is all to savvy when it comes to what people are expecting and what will set them buzzing.  At this point, with her before the queen, the public expects crazy cool.  I think she will give them that but with a sophisticated twist.

Needless to say, I’ll be watching YouTube for footage from the show!

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