Lady Gaga Smokes Weed Onstage and Debuts a Fuller Figure

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Lady Gaga surprised her fans in Amsterdam with a fuller figure and a speech about the wonders of marijuana.

No doubt Mama Monster will be accused of stealing Christina Aguilera’s look now that she’s gained a little weight. The star also went pants-less like Xtina during her concert, but she made sure that her outfit had that signature Gaga touch by wearing a meat corset.

Gaga has been criticized by PETA for starting to wear animal fur, so perhaps she was trying to annoy the animal rights organization by wearing the meat outfit. However, instead of preaching to the crowd about the joys of wearing dead animals, she decided to praise marijuana.

Lady Gaga took a little break from singing to smoke some weed (which was thrown on the stage by a fan), and she told the crowd that marijuana is a “wondrous” drug. Gaga claimed that she doesn’t drink as much alcohol now that she smokes. Unfortunately a side effect of weed is that it gives smokers the munchies, so this might be why Gaga has gained some weight (according to The Daily Mail, she’s put on about 30 pounds).

Gaga still looks great with a little more meat on her bones, but perhaps the pop singer needs to invest in having her costumes re-sized—in pictures from the concert, she appears to be trying to squeeze into outfits that are a few sizes too small. This creates a lot of unsightly lumps and bumps.

In addition to getting compared to Christina Aguilera because of her fuller figure, Gaga might also get accused of copying Madonna once again. The Queen of Pop recently caused a controversy by wielding fake guns during her European tour, and one of Gaga’s outfits featured fake machine guns affixed to her breasts.

Gaga’s fuller figure could send a positive message to young girls that you don’t have to look like a bag of bones to be beautiful, but parents probably won’t appreciate the singer glamorizing guns and praising drugs.

You can check out Gaga smoking weed and donning her gun-adorned top in the videos below. Do you think that the star is setting a bad example for young fans by praising drugs and wearing guns?

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