Lady Gaga Speaks about Amy Winehouse’s Death

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Many celebrities have come forward to speak about the death of singer Amy Winehouse. Lady Gaga has spoken with AMP Radio in an exclusive interview. Even though she didn’t know Winehouse personally, Gaga said Amy and her singing career influenced her heavily, even when she was known only as Stefani Germanotta.

Lady Gaga said:

I loved her so much. I was nobody when she was first coming out. I have really dark hair, and all the time on the street, people would go, “Amy!” And they would go, “Back to Black [Winehouse’s second album and title track].” They’d scream at me.

It is most often that a person of fame is most influential to other celebrities during the time they were wishing and dreaming to be in the spotlight. Lady Gaga felt especially connected to Amy Winehouse because they are both eccentric in their own way:

I loved her and I just remember feeling like I wasn’t alone because she was so different and she was so special.

At this time, it is still unknown what exactly caused Amy Winehouse to die, but Lady Gaga feels that the media and tabloids were a contributing factor to Amy’s struggle with her addiction to both drugs and alcohol, and her eating disorders. Lady Gaga said:

It’s really devastating, and I think it’s a lesson to the world: Don’t kill the superstar. Take care of her. Take care of her soul.

In some ways, celebrities live the dream life. However, many people don’t realize, at least not fully, that it can be more challenging than fun much of the time. While some celebrities are better able to deal with the stress that comes along with fame, others, like Amy Winehouse, turn toward destructive activities as a means of coping.

The funeral service was held this morning before Amy’s body was cremated.

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