Lady Gaga spurns Madonna tour invite: Bad blood between the two

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Madonna is “still the Queen of Pop” according to the Seattle Times, but someone forgot to tell that to Lady Gaga, or explain why the superstar created in the 80s invited her younger mirror-image to tour with her this year.

Wouldn’t the “Queen” be the one sought, rather than the other way around?

And if Madonna really is the reigning musical songstress in this particular song type category then why would Lady Laga decline the invite and spurn the grandmother of that sound?

Bad blood.

Not the blood bath purported to be in Madonna’s MDNA Tour going on in KeyArena Friday night—tightropes and stripteases are to be featured as well.

Instead, the bad blood between these two “Pop Icons” comes down to competition and the cut-throat business they are in mostly. It doesn’t help that fans, media and others attempt to pit them against each other—and they take the bait and swap insults.

For example, the older pop star accused her younger counterpart of copying elements of her song Express Yourself in Gaga’s Born This Way single.

Madonna en ChelseaThat’s definitely not the way to make friends.

But now Madonna wants to perform with Lady Gaga according to the music news outlet Channel 24. How’s that for a turnaround? But Gaga’s spokesperson says that while she’d like to, she’s got her on tour to worry about.

Maybe she spurned Madonna’s request because she heard the 80s pop star told her Atlantic City concert crowd in September that she was dedicating her song Masterpiece to Gaga that night because “Immitation is the highest form of flattery.”

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