Lady Gaga Stays in Shape To Strip Down

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Lady Gaga has never been shy in showing off plenty of skin–from hitting the streets, practically nude from the waist down, to baring almost all on stage.

But, what’s behind her toned physique and those rock-hard abs that Gaga recently debuted at the Grammys? Apparently, some serious sweat sessions in the gym (and a pretty decent pain tolerance). So, she’s not just “born this way!”

Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak revealed that Lady G is a near perfect client.

“Gaga has great abs. She has a high pain threshold… She has no weaknesses. We train her whole body with a focus on the muscles on the back of her body: her butt, hamstrings, upper back and back of her arms.”

And the abs seem to get a pretty good workout, too! But Pasternak says that the six-pack exercises (like double crunches, trunk twists, and side bends) come easy to her. Lady Gaga’s favorite move? The dumbbell deadlifts.

File:Lady Gaga.jpgAs for her diet, Pasternak confirms, “she’s great because she has a great palate… [she tries it all].”

Hmm… sounds like Lady Gaga’s taste in food might just mirror her taste in fashion. She’ll try anything!

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