Lady Gaga Steps Out In Her Most Shocking Outfit Yet (Photo Link)

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Recently, Lady Gaga traipsed through the streets of Los Angeles clad in an outfit so unbelievably shocking, so utterly unexpected. so totally unlike anything the world has ever seen her wear, that her fans and foes alike had trouble believing their eyes. Alas, however, the camera doesn’t lie. There is paparazzi proof positive that at 2:00 A.M. on August 12, 2011, the fabled pop star/provocateur walked out of an L.A. recording studio and into the night wearing a simple black dress, with a yellow tulip design on the front, and a slight slit up the left side. La Germanotti also sported black stiletto pumps, a black clutch bag, and sunglasses. Her hair was a single shade of peroxide blonde, and she wore it loose just past her shoulders.

Yes, Lady Gaga was seen and photographed in public dressed in normal attire. In fact, sightings of the conservatively clad Born This Way singer were reported at other times in other parts of the city. Another report claims she wore the dress to dinner at Beverly Hills’ posh Crustacean Restaurant the evening of August 11. Still others, including US Magazine report her being photographed in the little black dress outside La Maison De Fashion boutique in the afternoon of the same day. Whatever. The fact remains that the Judas girl actually appeared in public normally–even somewhat conservatively–attired. Is this a sure sign of the Apocalypse? Is Armageddon at hand? Will our planet soon be demolished by an asteroid storm?

Hopefully not. But this could very well be the beginning of a new chapter in the continuing saga of Lady Gaga. Maybe the Edge of Glory artiste has finally decided to discard the dumb gimmicks and visual attention grabbers and allow her talent–such as it is–to speak for itself. Or not. Maybe her meat, horns, bone, tree bark, and bubble ensembles were all at the cleaners.

You can click here to see a photo of the normally attired Ms. Germanotti. Enjoy it while it lasts. Only the lady knows what she’s planning for an encore.

Stay tuned.

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