Lady GaGa stops show due to fight in the crowd

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Last night, while performing in Washington, D.C., Lady GaGa stopped her performance of “Monster” to interrupt a fight that was occuring between two fans in the crowd. As you can see in the video below, GaGa interrupts: “Stop the music! Stop fighting! Do not fight on this show. Is she OK? Are they both OK? I don’t know who hit who. I’m sorry. I just don’t want you to fight. This is all about love… only fake monsters fight.”

GaGa then went on to continue with the show, possibly skipping the rest of the performance of the song “Monster.” In the show, there is a moment where GaGa, in between songs, asks the audience “Do you think I’m sexy?” After breaking up the fight, GaGa does not complete the song but instead continues with this act of the show: “I think you’re sexy… Sometimes I abuse this part of the show. Do you think I’m sexy?”

This isn’t breaking entertainment news, but it is GaGa. And GaGa is always news. This once again reinforces the strength of her performances and her strength as an entertainer. So, fellow Little Monsters, take this as a lesson: if you interrupt GaGa, she’ll interrupt you. She cares! Check out the video below and check out GaGa-related tweets on Twitter!

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