Lady Gaga Strips Down To Underwear For Down Under Interview

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Lady Gaga decided to strip down to her underwear for her first ‘Down Under’ interview with radio host Jules Lund. Well, the pop star didn’t so much as strip, she just didn’t exactly finish getting dressed. Needless to say, Lund was a bit shocked.

Lund said, “I walked in and said well are you going to put your clothes on for the interview? And Gaga just looked at me and said I feel like doing it with nothing on.”

Lund, not wanting to be overdressed for the occasion, opted to remove some of his clothes as well – though he probably left a bit more on than Lady Gaga, who did the whole thing in her bra.

Gaga, in response to Lund’s strip show, said, “I love Aussie guys.”

Lucky Lund was the only interviewer to receive such a treat. For her other interviews, Gaga was fully clothed. One thing is certain, Lady Gaga never ceases to amaze.

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