Lady Gaga Take a Healthy Approach to Her Weight Gain

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Earlier this week, Lady Gaga admitted to having gained 25 pounds as of late. While some people want to make fun of her for it, she says she’s not feeling one bit guilty. Good for her!

The weight gain revelation came during Gaga’s interview with radio’s Elvis Duran. However, instead of apologizing for her the extra pounds, the singer took another route.

“I have to be on such a strict diet constantly,” Gaga told Duran. She says the diet is necessary for her to withstand the grueling workouts she gets while putting on a show. However, she also admitted it tended to make her more muscular than she likes. So these days she’s looking for a balance between hard and soft.

She laughingly blames her dad for her most recent weight gain. He owns an Italian restaurant in New York. It offers Gaga’s favorite foods —pasta and pizza. She says the only way she can avoid eating there is to stay away from New York altogether.

Lady Gaga says she tells her dad, “I’ve got to go where I can drink green juice.” That hardly sounds appetizing so it’s no wonder she took a little break from it.

Truthfully, who cares if Gaga puts on a few pounds? She’s rocking some luscious curves at the moment. However, before long she’ll back into her regular routine, which will no doubt make her skinny once again. She’s got nothing to apologize for. Like everyone else, she’s entitled to indulge from time to time.

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