Lady Gaga Talks ‘Borderline Positive’ Lupus Diagnosis, U.S. Military on “Larry King Live” (VIDEO)

How long’s it been since Lady Gaga was in the headlines? Half an hour? Well, she’s back again, appearing on Larry King Live tonight to discuss how she would have opened for Michael Jackson had he not, you know, died, as well as her “borderline positive” diagnosis of having Lupus and the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy (spoiler: she’s against it).

Dressed relatively demurely in a black-and-white ensemble complete with necktie and round shades (in other words, as David Bowie in 1978), LaGa appears to have no trouble handling the legendarily tough questions that the somewhat-still-alive King lobs at her. Whether or not they delve into Hegelian philosophy, the true meaning of the Sermon on the Mount, the whole Trotsky vs. Lenin thing, and those librarians singing “Poker Face”? We’ll just have to tune to CNN at 9 pm Eastern tonight, I suppose…

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