Lady Gaga Talks ‘Judas’ Cover as Song Drops Early! (Audio)

Lady Gaga’s Judas was dropped earlier than anticipated. It was leaked, er, released today in full despite reports that it would be released on April 19. There’s little doubt that Lady Gaga New Song:: 'Judas' Released April 15Lady Gaga’s fans are ecstatic! It has a techno beat that won’t bring many Madonna comparisons. You can listen to Judas below.


During her recent Harper’s Bazaar interview, Lady Gaga had mentioned how dedicated she was to the Judas‘s single cover. She said, “I graphic-designed the ‘Judas’ single cover myself. I photographed the image with my cell phone for texture.”

There’s little doubt that the cover for Judas has texture. There’s also little doubt that there will likely be a lot of controversy over the cover and the lyrics of the song. However, by now, everyone should know that Lady Gaga will be Lady Gaga. She thrives on controversy and making people think outside the box. The real question is, which box is she in?

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