Lady Gaga Tells Calvin Harris to Stop Talking S*** About Her Music

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Lady Gaga is sick of being the butt of her peers’ jokes. She was recently made fun of by a South African group after she asked them to open for her when her Monster Ball tour went through the area. Their response was to make fun of her in a music video. A simple no would have sufficed. Now, Calvin Harris is jumping on the bash-Gaga-bandwagon. Mother Monster is not having it!

She took to Twitter to voice her irritation with Harris and the other musicians dogging her. She wrote, “Seems to be trendy lately to talk shit about “lady gaga” when your albums/singles drop. Y’all should live off your own hustle. #Ido.” Madonna has made it part of her act as well. Mother Monster is eccentric, but she is also very talented. Unfortunately, her quirky outfits often overshadow her music and make her a perfect target.

Gaga followed up her first tweet with, “Music is mortal if it has no integrity behind it. I’m interested in making the immortal kind.” During a recent interview, the DJ said he turned down the chance to work with the “Edge of Glory” singer. According to Harris, he shot her down because, “he didn’t really like her songs.” He adds, “You got to pick people whose songs or voice that you like.” He doesn’t seem to really insult her, per se, and insists the tracks he was sent to work on were not any of her big hits.

Gaga wants to set the record straight, “never even emailed you @calvinharris I guess it’s hard to believe I write + produce my music. cuz I’m a woman I don’t know about EDM right?”

Are fellow musicians jealous of Gaga’s success?

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