Lady Gaga to Marry Taylor Kinney?

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Those who thought Lady Gaga had finally done the humane thing and removed herself from the world stage are in for a disappointment. She’s ba–ack. And she may be getting married soon. At least she will if her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, gets his way.

Yes, it seems the obviously easily pleased Chicago Fire star has a plethora of “future plans with [his] pop star girlfriend,” Gaga. And those plans seem to revolve around the dreaded M-word.

“I think I’d be a good dad, it would be a pleasure,” Taylor gushed in a recent interview, adding: “I’d love it — and I’m in my 30s now. I do want to give mom grandchildren, of course. My mom wants me to get married, and have children…”

Right. But is the Poker Faced One the sort of daughter-in-law, Kinney’s mother had in mind? Maybe. According to Kinney, Stefani Germanotta and his mother are a lot alike.

“I look up to a strong woman,” Taylor explained, “maybe that’s why I fell for Gaga … She works incredibly hard and is very strong and inspirational like Mom, with a great work ethic.”

Taylor Kinney met La Germanotta when he worked on her music video for “You and I” in 2011 and they’ve been together ever since. And he says that maintaining their relationship even across long distances has never been a problem.

“I use all the money I make on flights to see the people I love,” Kinney revealed. “If I spent it on fancy cars, homes and material stuff I wouldn’t be able to do that. I have the freedom to see the people I care about — my girlfriend and my family.”

So, there you have it. Do you think Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga will actually get married? Or will he come to his senses—er—decide he needs more time to think about it?

Stay tuned.

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