Lady Gaga to Release ‘The Edge of Glory’ Tomorrow

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Lady Gaga fans have even more to look forward to after her recent release of the music video for “Judas” — her new single “The Edge of Glory” will be available on iTunes tomorrow.

It seems like a fitting song to release this week, since Gaga is set to be a mentor to four up-and-coming musicians on “the edge of glory” — Wednesday she’ll be appearing on “American Idol” to help the remaining contestants try to achieve their own musical dreams (wonder if she’ll also advise them on their fashion choices?).

Lady GagaGaga has already released the cover art for “The Edge of Glory,” but she’s not sporting her motorcycle body for it. Instead she simply shows off a head of wild blonde hair, black fingernails, and a wide-open bright red mouth in the otherwise black-and-white photo. It also appears that the artist is topless in the photo (she certainly seems to like to go nude, something that makes sense since so much of what Lady Gaga preaches about has to do with feeling comfortable in one’s own skin). The lover of geometric shapes also sports some edges in “The Edge of Glory” cover art in her pointy facial “bones.”

Speaking of cover art, it’s nice to finally know what her “Born This Way” motorcycle body was all about — it kind of makes sense that she chose to feature the mode of transportation that signifies freedom after seeing her motorcycle-themed “Judas” music video.

So will she create an equally edgy video for “The Edge of Glory?” With so much glorious Lady Gaga news lately, at least fans have plenty of Gagaliciousness to keep them preoccupied while they wait and see.

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