Lady Gaga to Wear Bone Dress for VMA 2011? Meat Dress too Passé

Lady Gaga might be wearing a bone dress to the 2011 Video Music Awards! Well, that is what the bone dress creators, is hoping. The company, which sells BBQ meats and Portrait of a young, pale-skinned Caucasian female with blond hairsauces online, has teamed up with an unidentified famed fashion designer and is offering Lady Gaga $500,000 to top her meat dress of last year with a bone dress.

PigofTheMonth CEO Lea Richards said the bone dress would weigh about 12 pounds but that they “won’t reveal the number of bones that it includes just yet. [Gaga] will still be able to move in a normal fashion.”

Who knows what Lady Gaga will say about the offer? One thing is for sure, a little more publicity wouldn’t hurt because Gaga did recently get dethroned as Facebook’s queen by another female artist in “likes”! And, a new tell-all book blasted her as a “walking time bomb” on the verge of death!

There’s been a lot of negative publicity around Lady Gaga lately but a bone dress complete with BBQ accessories may just be what the singer needs to bounce her back into the mega-spotlight she deserves to be in! What do you think? Should Gaga go gaga for a bone dress?

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