Lady Gaga Tops Madonna in Shock Value?

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Lady Gaga is like shock jock Marilyn Manson and pop star Madonna all rolled into one when it comes to outrageous behaviors on and off the stage, with her latest “Fame” fragrance project a good example.

Lady Gaga Madame Tussauds Sydney(Photo Credit: Eva Renaldi)

The Belfast Telegraph reports that the “Born This Way” songstress stepped out in perfume heels that match her latest blood and semen perfume bottle. Not such a shocking thing there, though. Right?

The heels are little replicas of the bottle top for the fragrance the singing diva was promoting in Paris on Sunday. And they just make her seem more Jessica Simpson than anything else. But what’s in the bottle is another matter, with the Guardian Express discussing how semen and blood are contained within the fragrance bottles.

Ewww. Who would want to wear that? Madonna maybe?

It’s no secret that Madonna and Lady Gaga have both risen to fame due to their singing talents as well as their ability to keep reinventing themselves…sort of.

Some think Gaga is just a younger version of Madonna, since the elder songstress appears to have cornered the market first on being the most provocative singer. And with Madonna’s recent Obama comment, saying “We have a black Muslim in the White House,” while on stage in DC, many would agree she’s still the top of the shock jocks in music.

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