Lady Gaga Trashed by Christina Aguilera on ‘The Voice’

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Christina Aguilera is no Lady Gaga fan. The Born This Way exhibitionist has been savagely dissed by the Burlesque star before. In 2008, Aguilera bashed the Judas singer by claiming that she couldn’t tell if the Lady “was a man or a woman.” Now, she’s verbally K.O.’ed the meat wearer once again.

Apparently, during a recent taping of The Voice, Christina started venting about how she’s more talented and entertaining than Lady Gaga.

“Christina told a contestant she was ten times better than Gaga,” claimed an inside source, “[She also] said her rival was annoying – and expressed her amazement that Gaga ever got famous. It caused quite a scene, and producers insisted on reshooting the segment.”

Christina Aguilera has a point. Or two. The Egg Lady will never in her wildest dreams possess Aguilera’s set of pipes. And she is one of the most annoying people on the planet–not to mention one of the most pretentious. Nevertheless, Aguilera’s fellow cast and crew members on The Voice seemed to take Gaga’s side, claiming that the former Disney kid dissed the Born This Way singer out of sheer meanness.

“She’s bitter person with an ax to grind about everything,” said another inside source describing Aguilera. “She’s like a bitter old woman trapped in a 30-year-old’s body!”

Meow! Sounds like Lady Gaga is the least of Christina Aguilera’s problems. She seems to have more than enough enemies on the set of her own T.V. show.

Stay tuned.

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