Lady Gaga Turns Heads with Suggestive Outfits: No Pants and ‘Sperm’ Hat?

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Lady Gaga may have fooled a few interested fans with several slightly more conservative, daresay normal, outfits of late (think prim suits and ladylike dresses). But, those who go gaga for the avant-garde, should have no fear. The Lady G has returned with her share of suggestively sparked attire that’s just a bit scandalous — starting with her headless moment followed by a return of her classic pants-off style and even a sperm-shaped headpiece. Say what?!

After her recent performance on the UK edition of The X Factor, where she sang “Marry the Night” and donned a slightly disturbing, decapitated creation that would have been better suited as a Halloween costume, Lady Gaga went from a no-head costume to a no-pants-in-public stunt. Despite London’s fall chill, Gaga exited Fountain Studios in Wembley after the X Factor appearance wearing not a stitch of clothing on her bottom half — save for fish nets and killer Christian Louboutin heels, of course.

File:Lady Gaga Judas GMA2.jpgIn fact, her highly conservative, menswear-inspired jacket, tie and blouse, rendered in a very light shade of yellow-toned ivory, barely covered her bottom. Where some of Lady Gaga’s other pants-less ensembles have centered around leotards or corsets, which arguably make slightly more sense for a bare bottom half, this time it really looks like Gaga just forgot her trousers. Daily Mail has the photos of the strange fashion flash here. But the “Born This Way” singer didn’t seem to mind the chill or the slightly indecent exposure, even posing with a young Little Monster aficionado, who no doubt got a kick out of his time in the spotlight with the pants-less pop sensation.

Adding even more fuel to this provocative fashion fire, Daily Mail points out that another recent Lady Gaga look involves a “sperm”-shaped hat. Indeed, there’s no question the squiggly trajectory of the topper does indeed resemble that key mechanism learned about in the cell reproduction chapter of high school biology class. Perhaps not wanting to venture too suggestive, or just looking for another way to shock and surprise, Gaga paired the fascinator with an altogether demure, color-blocked dress that was both high-cut and floor-length, showing hardly an inch of skin. After all, Lady Gaga is nothing if not quite the style scientist.

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